'Evil Genius' Hollywood Scam Artist Has Investigators Baffled

It's a tale worthy of the Hollywood movie treatment.

Hollywood has yet another scam artist in its midst.

A woman has been impersonating high profile women in Hollywood, including former Sony co-chair Amy Pascal, Star Wars boss Kathleen Kennedy and Twentieth Century Fox CEO Stacey Snider, scamming countless people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars under the guise of entertainment work.

The woman is adept at accents, using publicly available information combined with extensive inside knowledge of their lives to produce a highly convincing impersonation that still has investigators baffled.

The entire story -- detailed in The Hollywood Reporter -- is one of deceit, lies, and dozens (if not hundreds) of red-faced people conned into spending thousands of dollars on trips to Indonesia under the guise of 'work'.

One photographer, under the impression he was working for Pascal on a new documentary, forked over $65,000 in six months, with the money going on flights, drivers, translators and food, all with the impression that it would be paid back.

He described the impersonator as a "master manipulator", who came up with more and more elaborate excuses until finally, he had drained his life savings -- but she continued to contact him anyway.

"At what point does a crazy evil genius say, 'I've got enough out of this person, let's move on to someone else?'" he said.

Another person duped by the woman was a former marine, who believed he was working for intellectual property lawyer Christine Hearst Schwarzman. The marine told THR how he put former colleagues of his in contact with the woman, some of whom were manipulated into engaging in "graphic virtual sex" with her via Skype--the woman would claim security issues prevented her from showing her face).

"These are people who will slit her throat in the dark if we ever find out who she is," he said.

Authorities don't believe the woman is working alone, but is the "talent" of an operation that may have also been targeting makeup artists in the UK.

The reporting, which includes two audio examples of her phone calls, has caused waves online, where people are calling the woman "a perfect impostor", a "flawless mimic" and villain worthy of the Hollywood movie treatment.

It comes soon after a truly wild report about wannabe socialite Anna Sorokin, who tricked the New York scene into believing she was a Russian heiress.

Anna Delvey, as she told everyone she was called, rubbed shoulders with Macaulay Culkin, Purple magazine's editor-in-chief Olivier Zahm and pharma-bro Martin Schkreli, as well as any number of the "trust fund kids" running around the city.

Months later, and the jig was up, and Sorokin was charged with grand larceny in 2017.

Netflix has bought the rights to the original article, and master storyteller Shonda Rhimes is on board to write the screenplay. Even more: Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie are both reportedly gunning for the role.