World Catches First Glimpse Of The Wild Boars Since Rescue

Thailand's lost boys and their soccer coach are on the mend.

The Thailand Government has released footage of the young boys who were trapped in a Thailand cave for over two weeks, now being treated in hospital.

Following a successful rescue mission that spanned three days, the 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach will need to stay in hospital for at least one week, with the risk of infection to their weak and malnourished bodies still a concern.

New Footage Released Of Thai Cave Rescue

In the video the boys are seen sitting up in their beds and waving at the camera wearing face masks.

The boys' family members were also shown waving from behind glass windows while dressed in yellow t-shirts.

Upon rescue, the boys were placed in quarantine to minimise the risk of infection.

Thai health officials said the boys are in good health, but most of them have lost two kilograms.

"From our assessment, they are in good condition and not stressed," Thongchai Lertwilairattanapong, an inspector for Thailand's health department, told reporters on Wednesday.

"The children were well taken care of in the cave. Most of the boys have lost an average of two kilograms."

Thongchai said one boy from the last group to be rescued on Tuesday had a lung infection and that all boys had been given vaccinations for rabies and tetanus.

It is also likely they will be treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, as health experts warn of the potential mental hurdles that often follow such an ordeal.

The uplifting footage comes soon after the tragic news that Dr Richard Harris, the Australian who heroically helped saved the 13 lives, lost his father a short time after he helped bring the last boys to the surface.