Thai Cave Rescue: 'Wild Boars' Cartoons And Messages Of Hope Go Viral

"Proof that not all heroes wear capes! Some wear oxygen."

The world is breathing a sigh of relief, as all twelve boys and their soccer coach were successfully rescued from a Thailand cave after more than two weeks underground.

"We're not sure if this is a miracle, science, or what," said the Thai Navy SEALS.

"All the thirteen Wild Boars are now out of the cave."

It was the end of an ordeal that lasted more than two weeks, after the boys and their soccer coach became trapped in the Tham Luang cave on June 23.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May was one of the first world leaders to tweet her congratulations.

"Delighted to see the successful rescue of those trapped in the caves in Thailand," she said.

"The world was watching and will be saluting the bravery of all those involved."

It was rescue effort fraught with danger, which became all too real when one of the rescuers, a former Thai Navy SEAL diver by the name of Saman Kunan, died while delivering oxygen.

Source: Thai Navy SEALS Facebook page.

Messages of hope had been circulating online, often depicting the boys trapped as actual boars.

One widely-shared illustration depicted the 25-year-old coach -- a former monk who had reportedly been teaching the boys to meditate in order to conserve energy -- in a meditation position with 12 'boars' in his arms.

The same artist, Mai Jacknight, posted several more throughout the rescue effort, praising the divers and honouring Kunan.

Kunan was honoured in several cartoons circulating social media.

Another illustration praised the international rescue effort, with animal mascots for each country involved in the operation depicted.

Still more praised the bravery of the rescue divers, or simply applauded the effort to bring the 12 boys and their coach home.

All 13 people rescued will now spend at least a week in hospital, as they regain their strength after spending more than two weeks underground.