Letters From Boys Trapped In Thai Cave: "I Love You Mum. Don't Worry"

The boys have requested their favourite food for when they get out.

The boys trapped in the Thai cave have penned heartfelt letters to their families, writing that they can't wait to come home.

The letters, now posted on Facebook, are the first direct contact the soccer team have had with their families in two weeks.

Some are messages of love -- telling their families not to worry -- while  others are asking for their favourite food for when they get out.

"I'm fine but it's a little bit cold, don't worry and don't forget it's my birthday," said one letter, according to translations by Fairfax.

"Are you okay at home mum?" writes another. "Please tell my teacher. Love you mum."

The letters were posted to the Thai Navy SEALS Facebook page.

Their 25-year-old soccer coach has also written a letter, reassuring parents that he is taking care the team. He also took the opportunity to apologise.

"All parents, all of the kids are fine. Staff here are taking care of the kids very well.

"And I promise I will take care of the kids at best. Thank you for your kind support and I would like to say I'm really very sorry to you all."

The families have also written letters to the boys, but it's not clear if these have been delivered yet.

The Cave Is Too Narrow To Pass Through In Some Sections

The boys have been trapped in the cave in the Chiang Mai region of northern Thailand since June 23.

A doctor reported yesterday that the boys appeared to be in good health, despite reports that two of the boys and the coach were suffering from malnutrition and exhaustion.

Rescue teams are still considering every available option for rescue, even as monsoon rains loom and threaten to trap the boys for months.