This Dude Booty Texted A Priest And The Reply Is Amazing

A priest has hilariously trolled a sexter who got the wrong number.

What you need to know
  • File under: "Things to NEVER text to a priest".

We've all been guilty of accidentally texting the wrong person, but we've never messed up this bad.

Father Simon Rundell, a priest from Plymouth in the south of England received this flirty text message one night.

The text came through at 11:43pm - clearly, the hour of the night that you'd be wanting to chat to your priest - and read "U ok sexy ? Are u in work tomorrow ? X"

And he had the BEST response.

Father Simon made sure to let the stranger know first thing in the morning that he'd be delivering his first mass at 9:30 am... and we're thinking that obviously, the anonymous texter is a good church-going individual.

A couple of the replies are amazing, with one user suggesting "Maybe you should have told her the time at which you were taking confessions."

In a WILD turn of events, it seems Father Simon did some digging and the booty texter has actually been called out as a guy who's been CHEATING!

He wrote: "Rob - the man who claimed to have texted a work colleague (when he was married) & gave rise to my now viral response, I now ustand [sic] has done this before.

Whatever the case, it's an important lesson to learn: don't booty text a priest, because he WILL take you to church over it.