Heroic Act: Man Scales Building To Rescue Child Dangling From Balcony

The man scaled four storeys up a Paris building to save the young boy.

What you need to know
  • Witnesses have filmed a man scaling a Paris building to rescue a young child dangling off a balcony
  • The man scaled four storeys in about a minute and hoisted the boy to safety
  • French media have reported his father left the child alone in the apartment

Jaw-dropping footage has emerged of a quick-thinking hero scaling a building in Paris to rescue a young child who was seen dangling from a balcony.

Mamoudou Gassama, who has since been dubbed a real-life spiderman, took less than a minute to free-scale four storeys, before he hoisted the boy to safety.

In the video another man is seen trying to help the boy from the next door apartment before 22-year-old Gassama reaches him to cheers and applause from shocked onlookers below.

paris rescue
Source: Facebook- Habib Bibou

Gassama, a migrant from Mali, said he saw the boy when he heard crowds yelling and cars beeping their horns.

French media reported  the child had been left alone by his father, who has since been questioned by police.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo thanked the brave hero via Twitter saying she had also spoken to him over the phone.

"Congratulations to Mamoudou Gassama for his act of bravery that saved the life of a child last night," Hidalgo said.

Hidalgo said the City of Paris will support Gassama in his efforts to settle in France, adding that his heroic gesture served as an example to all citizens.

French president Emmanuel Macron has reportedly also invited Gassama to the Elysée Palace to personally thank him.