World Reacts To Ireland's Historic 'Yes' Vote To Overturn Abortion Ban

Celebrities, politicians and activists around the world have shown their support for Ireland's move to legalise abortion.

What you need to know
  • Yes side secures landslide win with more than two-thirds of people voting to repeal the Eighth Amendment
  • Abortion has been illegal under the country's constitution since 1983
  • The government plans to bring in legislation by the end of the year

It's been described by the country's prime minister as a "quiet revolution", but on the streets of Ireland today there were loud cheers, tears and cries of "Yes, yes, yes!".

And supporters who couldn't be there to join the celebrations made sure their voices were heard on social media.

Irish PM Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who campaigned for the change, said he would start the move towards legislation from as early as Tuesday.

"Today is a historic day for Ireland. A quiet revolution has taken place," said Varadkar.

Throughout the UK, politicians and celebrities shared their joy at the news.

While celebrities from across the globe showed their support.

Activists joined the online noise, celebrating the outcome as a positive move for women's rights.

Politicians from around the world acknowledged the momentous victory.

And in Australia our politicians also jumped on board.

With a reminder that Australia still has some way to go . . .

For decades, the controversial law had forced 4000 women to travel to Britain each year for terminations. One poignant photo told this story over and over today on Twitter.

And campaigners are already looking ahead.