A Baboon Ran Loose At San Antonio International Airport

The monkey managed to free itself from its cage and embark on the escapade of a lifetime.

Officials at San Antonio International Airport in the U.S. have cornered a baboon after is escaped from its cage.

The baboon managed to free itself while it was in transit at San Antonio after being flown on an American Airlines flight from Brown University.

Luckily though, San Antonio airport is one of four airports in the U.S. that has a wildlife biologist on staff, so they were able to start the search mission swiftly. How convenient!

Animal care services were also called to the airport to assist. No flights were affected by the baboon's escape and the monkey wasn't inside the terminal or near passengers at any time.

News spread quickly of the baboon's escapade and some of the reactions are hilarious. The good news is, the baboon has been found and is in the safe hands of wildlife authorities.