Epic 'Lava Bombs' Filmed In Hawaii As Experts Warn of Possible Steam Explosion

Experts are warning the volcano could produce refrigerator sized boulders.

What you need to know
  • A self-described 'lava chaser' Demian Barrios has filmed himself dangerously close to a volcano fissure in Hawaii
  • The footage shows 'lava bombs' violently shooting into the air
  • Thousands have been evacuated from Big Island and dozens of homes have been destroyed since Kilauea first exploded
  • Experts are warning of a possible massive steam explosion

A self-proclaimed 'lava chaser' Demian Barrios has taken to social media to live-stream large explosions of lava bursting out of a fissure on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, as residents on the Big Island brace for more high volcanic activity.

The professional photographer used a neighbour's back veranda to film 'lava bombs' shooting into the air despite evacuation orders remaining in place for many areas around the 17 existing fissures.

Demian Barrios live-streamed 'lava bombs' shooting into the air. Source: Instagram: dbphotogallery

As reported by CBS the footage shows large molten rocks spraying violently into the air, some landing dangerously close to the property.

US experts have warned the volcano could produce a massive steam explosion that has the potential to send "boulders the size of refrigerators shooting into the air," CBS reports.

Thousands of people have already been evacuated from their properties on Big Island since the volcano first erupted on May 3.

Authorities have warned residents should remain on high alert for continued earthquake activity, including lava and toxic gas.

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Lava has spewed out into surrounding areas, destroying homes. SOURCE: USGS
Some of the fissures are hundreds of metres long. SOURCE: REUTERS
Aerial footage from the region shows the destructive path of the lava SOURCE: REUTERS