5 Eco-Friendly Inventions On This Season's Shark Tank

The War on Waste is raging across the country, as people are becoming more conscious of how their rubbish is affecting the environment.

So we took a look at the best eco-friendly products to appear on Shark Tank this season.


The Swag

Peita Pina walked into the Shark Tank with The Swag -- a fridge bag that will extend the life of your fruit and veges.

The Swag is made from 100% natural materials, and maintains the moisture of fruit and veges in the fridge, keeping them fresh and nutrient rich for two to four times longer.


Bare and Boho

Bare and Boho is the perfect brand for eco-conscious parents, with its organic baby products.

The brain child of Jordan McGregor, this brand specialises in reusable cloth nappies made from organic hemp and cotton, but also sells a whole raft of sustainable and environmentally-friendly accessories for your little one.



EcoSoulLife is the producer of biodegradable disposable plates and cups.

Their products, which are made from palm leaves, cornstarch, bamboo and husk will completely decompose within two to three years.


I Love Earth

Australia is the coffee capital of the world, but with that title comes the horror statistic that one billion plastic coffee cups end up in landfill each year.

Enter mother and daughter team Irina Zikner and Lilly Stesin, with EcoSoulLife. This company produces reusable, silicon coffee cups, that even collapse down so you can take it with you where ever you go!


Pod and Parcel

On the same coffee theme, Pod and Parcel are the creators of biodegradable coffee pods.

These pods are Nespresso-machine compatible, and the coffee is sourced ethically direct from the farmers in the 'equatorial bean belt' (countries such as Brazil and Colombia), where conditions are perfect for arabica beans. And because the pods are completely biodegradable, your afternoon caffeine kick is guilt-free!