Game Consoles Sell Out And You Might Have To Wait Weeks To Buy One

Those wanting to join the Animal Crossing craze may have to wait weeks to get their hands on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Increased demand for the the gaming console has made it nearly impossible to find one in stores and online.

Nintendo has suspended domestic shipping of Switch consoles in Japan due to the coronavirus and its impact on production.

Nintendo has stopped the supply of Switch consoles in Japan. Image: Getty

But in good news for Aussies, stock will continue to be supplied to our shores by the gaming giant.

“We continue to regularly ship Nintendo products, including Nintendo Switch consoles, to our retail partners throughout Australia,” Nintendo said in a statement to 10 daily.

Nintendo Switch consoles won't be available in major retailers for weeks. Image: Getty

Even with stock arriving, major retailers such as EB Games and JB Hi-Fi are warning customers it will be weeks before they can be ordered online again.

JB Hi-Fi informs customers on its website that the next stock of consoles won’t arrive until late April.

"Due to very high demand, the Nintendo Switch Neon Console is currently unavailable to purchase online,” it said.

EB Games is currently only allowing pre-orders for Nintendo Switch consoles, with a release date of Friday, May 8 listed on its website.



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The demand for gaming consoles has been increased since self-isolation and lockdown measures have been introduced around the world.

Google trends show that in Australia, searches for the console quintupled from March 9 to its peak on March 28.

Searches for the wildly popular game ‘Animal Crossing’ increased 10-fold on its release date of March 20 compared to three days earlier.

PlayStation has also been trending in Australia, after Sony announced its new DualSense controller.

‘PS5’ was the highest trending term on Google search in Australia on Wednesday as keen gamers sought out the new design.



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