Hinge Launches 'Date From Home' Feature

Hinge’s new service will bring its match-making to your sofa.

The dating app launched its new ‘Date From Home’ feature to allow singles to find love without having to leave self-isolation.

“While we may need to be physically distant right now, we can still be socially connected,” said Tim MacGougan, Chief Product Officer at Hinge.

The app now provides the option to 'Date From Home'. Image: Hinge

A recent study by Hinge found that 70 per cent of members would be open to using Zoom, FaceTime or another video platform for a virtual date.

It also found that about a third of users felt the least confident in turning message conversations into face-to-face meetings, with many conversations dying out before that next step was taken.

Hinge believes ‘Date From Home’ can bridge the gap from messaging to talking in person by allowing users to go on a digital date.

From April 7, a ‘Date From Home’ menu will appear at the bottom of conversations between matches asking if they're ready to go on a digital date.

But those who don’t want to seem too eager, the app won’t notify the other until both have selected the option. From here, the pair can move things off the app and go on their digital date.

The app only alerts users when both are ready to 'Date From Home'. Image: Hinge

“At this time, technology is helping us bridge the gap between the isolation we’re experiencing and the connection we’re craving,” said Justin McLeod, CEO and Founder at Hinge.

“Video and phone calls are currently a safe way to date someone you’re interested in, and I believe digital dates, as a precursor to meeting in person, will be a trend that stays with us beyond the current climate.”



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