Is This The End Of Facebook Messenger Read Receipts?

Critics say it ruined Facebook messaging ... but is the end of read receipts finally here?

Facebook Messenger users will know that a small tick usually appears beside a message when it has been sent, and it then turns blue when the message has been received.

When the message has been read, the recipient's profile picture appears instead of the tick.

But could this soon be a thing of the past? The social media company confirmed it was testing a new update which appeared to phase out the feature.

Read receipts have disappeared from the app for some users as Facebook tested new updates. Image: Facebook

Facebook confirmed to 10 daily that some Australian users will notice they no longer get the visual read receipts via the Messenger app.

"We are testing some updates to the Messenger app to make the experience faster and simpler,” the social media giant's head of communications said.

The change only affects the conversation menu page, and individual read receipts can still be seen when the chat is opened. The change doesn't seem to have impacted group chats.

Facebook is yet to reveal what features users will see in the latest update, but the company told 10 daily Messenger has no plans to remove read receipts in the near future.

Unlike Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, Messenger does not allow users to turn off read receipts.



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