Rise Of Sex Robots Using Artificial Intelligence A 'Disturbing' Trend

Sex robots with artificial intelligence (AI) are being created with no moral boundaries and are escaping regulation from agencies 'too embarrassed' to investigate them, according to new research.

The findings were discussed at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Seattle on Friday.

Sex robots integrate artificial intelligence and traditional as well as novel technologies that may result in widely unknown and unpredictable risks.

Scientists are concerned these sex robots (or love dolls) are being designed to look like children or even programmed to protest and simulate a rape scenario.

According to tech expert Chris Riddell, stricter regulation of sex robots is needed immediately, "otherwise it's going to be the wild west."

"Until now, we've only had human-to-human relationships. We're heading into an era where humans are having relationships with technology systems, and that's disturbing us," Riddell told 10 daily.

A worker trims the skin imperfections of a silicone doll at a factory of EXDOLL, a firm based in China. Image: Getty

One argument explaining why the sex robot industry lacks ordinance is that consumer product regulators may be "embarrassed" to investigate the issue.

According to Riddell, that theory is "rubbish".

"The challenges surround the ethics, not simply having sex with robots. The issue is how do we ethically make sure we're comfortable with this era?"

Sex robots that are "adult in appearance" are legal in Australia, according to Sex Dolls Australia.

The original minimum height for imported sex robots was 140 centimetres by Australian customs. This was recently increased to 147cm.

France's first brothel featuring sex robots opened in January 2018 in Paris. Image: Getty

Following the discovery of child-like sex dolls during "disturbing" child sex investigations by South Australian Police late last year, the sex robots have been officially banned in that state.

Last month, a South Australian man was charged for allegedly possessing a 'child-like' sex doll imported from China, following a two-month investigation.

Police alleged as well as the sex robot, the 30-year-old bought a variety of children's clothing including school uniforms, swimwear and underwear.

“The Australian Federal Police does not condone any form of child exploitation, or activity of any kind that reinforces the sexualisation of children," AFP Acting Commander South Australia Gail McClure said.

Department of Home Affairs figures show that 133 child sex dolls were detected by import authorities in the five years from mid-2013 to mid-2018.