Meet The Sydney Grandma Taking Over Tik Tok

Ricky Chainz and his Granny, Huijun, have become Tik Tok sensations.

The 93-year-old grandmother and her grandson, from Northern Sydney, have amassed a giant following of four million followers on the popular social media platform.

The viral duo joined the Studio 10 panel on Tuesday to chat about their meteoric rise to success.

"I started Tik Toking at a train station and for the first two months I was just doing content by myself, but one day Granny came for dinner and I had the idea to get her in one of my skits," Chainz said.

The series 'Hip Hop with Granny' was born. In the videos, Huijun would lip sync hip hop songs (and Ricky approved of her versions).

"She murdered all of them," Chainz joked.

Each of the five videos in the series quickly reached over 500,000 views.

Within five days, Chainz's following had grown to over 40,000, and by six months it was over one million.



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Ricky admitted that Huijun may not know exactly what it is she has gotten herself into, but does take an active interest.

"Actually, Granny calls me every second day and says 'how are the numbers going?'" he said.

"She's been overseas a few times and in China she gets recognised everywhere," he said.

Chainz also translated for Huijun, who speaks limited English, that she felt "honoured" to be recognised in public.

And while Huijun may not understand what Tik Tok is all about, that doesn't mean she isn't involved in the creative process.

"If there is something she doesn't agree with, she won't do it of course," Chainz said.

"I have to explain what we are going to do beforehand, and she kind of green lights it."



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With his newfound fame, Chainz has since quit his job in retail and works full-time producing videos of himself and various family members.

But Granny Huijun is getting a cut of the profits as well.

"We've been lucky enough to become influencers on the platform," he said.

"We have done some branded work and we split the differences."

While it may be a job for them now, Chainz also said it's been a "bonding experience" for the pair.

"It's a way we can express ourselves to the world and to each other, so it's been very special."