WATCH: Is This Australia's Most Impressive Christmas Light Display?

A Melbourne resident has taken his Christmas light display to the next level with tricks he taught himself online -- and it might just be Australia's most impressive light show yet.

Minh Tuan Nguyen, 21, -- the mastermind behind the project -- told 10 daily he wanted to do something special and a bit different for Christmas this year.

"It's something I whipped up myself -- I learned from the internet," he said.

It took me about 15 days to set up the lights, and 10 to 14 days to program each song on the computer.

You can watch the lights display in the video at the top of this story.

Minh Tuan Nguyen -- the 21-year-old mastermind behind the light show. Image: Supplied.

An aspiring lighting designer, Nguyen has been setting up Christmas light displays for the past six years.

"I went to a MaRLo concert this year and heard this particular song. Everybody sang to it, I loved it," he said.

In an incredible feat, Nguyen programmed 12 different songs in total -- a mix of genres including pop, traditional Christmas tunes, and one by artists MaRLo & Feenixpawl -- 'Lighter Than Air' (featured in the video above).

Nguyen programmed each pixel for the display. It took him between 10- 14 days to customise each song. Image: Supplied.

Dutch-born Australian-raised DJ and producer MaRLo, told 10 daily he was absolutely blown away when he came across the video of the lights display with his track playing.



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"I feel so honoured and proud! For me, making music is a way of expressing myself, so to see it connect on this level with other people is really special," he said.

The lights display has completely transformed the Kings Park home in Melbourne's West. Image: Supplied

Ranked by InTheMix as Australia's number one DJ, MaRLo will fly down to Melbourne next week to check out the display and meet Nguyen in person.

"I'm pretty shocked. I can't believe he's actually coming down," Nguyen told 10 daily.

Dutch-born, Australian raised DJ and producer MaRLo was impressed by the light show. Image: Facebook

MaRLo said he had received 'so many' messages from people that had driven past and enjoyed Nguyen's lights and his music.

I always feel like music brings people together, and what better time of year to do just that.



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