Six Dystopian Products We'll Need In The Future, According To Monash Uni

As if straight from an episode of 'Black Mirror', these products remedy a future without change.

Imagine a future where we’ve been forced to adapt to the world’s problems because we can’t solve them.

That's the premise behind Monash University's latest exhibition that was on display at Federation Square last week.

Travel to the future and immerse yourself in an interactive experience of what a future without change might look like.

From anti-depressant cereal, to an anti-ageing mask, here are 10 daily's top picks from the collection.


'Antidepressos'. Image: Monash University

The Problem: 'In children and youth, an estimated 560,000 experience feelings of anxiety and depression that can cascade into deleterious lifelong outcomes.'

The Solution: 'Conveniently containing vitamins, minerals and just the right amount of anti-anxiety medicine, a bowl of Anti-Depresso’s is the most important meal of the day, keeping young people healthy and happy.'



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New research has stumbled across a finding that links sleep apnea to depression, and suggests the former may be one reason that depression treatments fail.

Vintage Water

Vintage Water. Image: Monash University

The Problem: 'Globally, water systems are facing the pressures of climate change and urban expansion. Cities are experiencing droughts, floods and degrading waterways.'

The Solution: 'Fresh aqua is a luxury of the past. These prized bottles are the last troves of uncontaminated water in the world, and only enjoyed by those able to afford the eye-watering price tags.'



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The Inside Yard

The Inside Yard. Image: Monash University

The Problem: 'With the world’s population continuing to grow, and our lack of action on affordable and clean energy, the air’s becoming toxic. If we continue at this rate, our oxygen won’t be fit to breathe without significant risks to our health.'

The Solution: 'The Inside Yard is the new outdoors. With its self-contained pristine atmosphere, it’s the perfect retreat -- it even comes complete with a sandpit for the little ones, and a kennel for the family pooch.'



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Countries must take "unprecedented" action to slash carbon emissions to zero by 2050 and limit dangerous global warming, a key report warns.


Insta-Youth. Image: Monash University

The Problem:  'Our workplaces still seethe with discriminatory attitudes... With “30 being the new 40”, it’s even more difficult for females to get ahead in their careers unless they look the part -- and that means young.'

The Solution: 'This anti-ageing mask simultaneously injects thousands of micro doses of Botox into your face, instantly revitalising your visage.'



Cosmetic Clinics Plan To Assess Your Mental Health Before You Get Botox

Screening for mental health issues could help those with Body Dysmorphic Disorder among other conditions.


Mi-Slave. Image: Monash University

The Problem: 'More than 40 million people are today in some form of modern slavery, which includes human trafficking, and practices such as servitude, forced labour and debt bondage.'

The Solution: 'MiSlave is an app that facilitates the global enslavement and allocation of people throughout supply chains. Hosted by countries that ignore their obligations under international laws, MiSlave guarantees the cheapest labour at the touch of a button.'



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Sina Vann was just 12 when she was kidnapped from her home and sold into the Cambodian sex slave trade, where she endured torture and starvation for years before her rescue.

Long Term Waiting Room

Long term waiting room. Image: Monash University

The Problem:  'In an age when people expect sufficient access to advanced healthcare and better health outcomes, our hospitals are overcrowded and health professionals can’t keep up with the influx of patients.'

The Solution: 'In the waiting rooms of the future, if you’re critically injured, experiencing stomach pain or anything in between, we can cryogenically freeze you and thaw you out when a doctor becomes available.'



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