Twitter Gets Active On Instagram, Purely To Troll Its Social Media Rival

Twitter has used its official Instagram account to throw some shade at its rival, and social media users are loving it. 

if you check out Twitter's Instagram page,  you might be confused at what you find.

As the bio now states, you're looking at "Screenshots Of Tweets".

Photo: Instagram

While Instagram has been active on Twitter since 2010, Twitter has ramped things up on its official Instagram account in recent days.

In six fresh posts, the platform posted a screenshot of a tweet from one user, 'Miaa', on August 8 that read, "Instagram is literally just screenshots of tweets and I think @Twitter should call them out".

And so, they did.

On August 31, Twitter Notify -- an account that lets users know when the platform plans to share profiles, tweets or other content -- reached out to 'Miaa' seeking permission to spotlight the tweet in promo material.

And, well, the rest is cyber history.

The trolling continued, as Twitter continued posting screenshots of its tweets to its Instagram account.

The rival social media platforms are in a constant bid to attract users.

According to the latest figures from statistics portal Statista -- pooled by various sources including Hootsuite and DataReportal -- Instagram, owned by Facebook, Inc., is the sixth-ranked platform with one billion monthly active users globally.

Twitter is twelfth-ranked, with about 330 million users each month.

And by all accounts, social media users are loving the latest dig.

"The shade, omg, I am ready. This is the beginning of an era," one user said.

"Twitter is here to reclaim their spot as the top official tweet posts page and I’m all the way here for it," said another.

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At time of writing, Instagram is yet to fire back at Twitter's latest digs.

10 daily has contacted Twitter and Facebook for comment  and is yet to hear back.

Featured image: Instagram