Twitter CEO's Account Hacked, Tweets Vile Racist And Pro-Nazi Messages

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, had his account 'compromised' with hackers posting a string of explicit, pro-Nazi and racist tweets, and a bomb threat.

It is unclear exactly how the hack of Dorsey's account occurred, but Twitter officially confirmed the news around 6am AEST on Saturday, after a long series of bizarre tweets were posted to his @jack account.

They have since been deleted, but the tweets included racist slurs, and one message claiming "intel is there's a bomb at Twitter HQ", while another said "Hitler is innocent".

While the account was 'compromised', it also retweeted several other users' tweet, including one claiming "Nazi Germany did nothing wrong".

Twitter said it was "investigating".

The hackers also posted links to a server on Discord, a sort of internet chat service. That server was taken down offline about 15 minutes after the link was first posted on Dorsey's account.

Dorsey has 4.2 million followers on the social media site.

Twitter later confirmed the CEO's account was "secure" and said there was no wider threat to the platform.

It is unclear how Dorsey's account was compromised. He has not yet addressed the controversy himself.