Apple's New Credit Card Could Be The Least User Friendly Product It's Ever Created

Credit cards are supposed to make life easier, but not this one.

Apple have launched its much lauded 'Apple Card' in the United States this month, praised as 'a new kind of card'.

It is available exclusively for iPhone users, and can be either used digitally through the Wallet app or with a physical card.

On the company's support website, an instruction guide to protecting the card has been posted, but it has raised a few eyebrows.

Photo: Apple

The card is made from titanium and is laser-etched with the cardholder's name and the Apple logo.

"A white finish is achieved through a multi-layer coating process that's added to the titanium base material," the page said.

Don't even think about putting this card in your leather wallet, in your back pocket or throw it in a bag -- this card needs love and affection.

This coating comes into contact with hard materials it will be scratched off.

The Apple Card. Photo: Apple

The guide advises that a "soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfibre cloth" should be used to wipe the card of any dirt.

After that, use a soft microfibre cloth with isopropyl alcohol to wipe the card over.

"Some fabrics, like leather and denim, might cause permanent discoloration that will not wash off," Apple said.

So that means your trusty leather wallet or back pocket can no longer be used to store your card.

Instead, a soft pouch is preferred. It must also be stored separately from other cards because they may scratch your Apple Card.

CUPERTINO, CA - MARCH 25: Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, speaks during an Apple product launch event. Photp: Getty Images

And you won't be able to just throw it in your bag.

"Don't place your titanium Apple Card in a pocket or bag that contains loose change, keys, or other potentially abrasive objects," the website said.

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Australians who want to get their hands on the Apple Card will have a while to get used to these cleaning demands, as the card has just hit the markets in the U.S. this month.

Perhaps with these not-so user friendly instructions, it may just be easier to use the app on your phone.