FaceApp Challenge: How Will Some Of Australia's Biggest Names Look In 40 Years?

Have you ever stared in the mirror and wondered how you'll look in 40 years? Now there's an app for that.

The latest craze to hit the internet is the FaceApp challenge, where people use a terrifyingly realistic app to age their face a couple of decades.

Some of the world's biggest celebrities have already given the challenge a go, like comedian Kevin Hart, whose transformation from wacky Hollywood actor makes him suddenly seem like has some immense wisdom to share with us all.

Kevin Hart tries the FaceApp challenge (Instagram Kevinhart4real)

So we thought, why not go to town on some Australian famous faces and see if we'll still be jealous of their looks in 30 years? Sounds like a healthy way to spend a Wednesday, right?

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison looks like he has a future as a grandfather, sharing stories about the time he won an election nobody believed he could while cooking up a curry for the grandkids.

Image: Instagram @scottmorrisonmp

Carrie Bickmore is about to celebrate 10 years on The Project, but if FaceApp is anything to go by, she's going to be the life of the party for many more to come.

Image: Instagram carrietommyshow and theprojecttv

While we're here, let's check in on the man that sits next to her. It turns out Waleed just looks even MORE trustworthy with age.

What about me? Sorry, force of habit -- we mean, what about Nollsie? As if the bloke couldn't get any more classic Aussie farmer. He actually makes younger Shannon Noll look positively cuddly in comparison.

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Image: Instagram @Nollsie

Okay, what about our latest, astrophysicist, perfectly chiselled features Bachelor, Matt Agnew? Well, one little run through the FaceApp ageing machine and he still looked great... so we went a bit silly with this newfound power hit his already aged photo with MORE AGEING, to get these results.

Let's take one more crack at The Bachelor. How about we try soon-to-be dad, and never ageing human being, Osher Gunsberg.

If this process is anything to go by, his Bachelor career will wrap up when he decides to become a wise, tough news anchor.

Grant Denyer might be full of life each night on 'Celebrity Name Game', but will a few decades on his face slow him down? Nope! He actually looks like the fun uncle who spends Christmas lunch telling inappropriate jokes to the younger cousins.

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What about Australia's best-looking comedian, Tommy Little?

You be the judge about how he ages.

Image: Instagram @mrstommylittle

Give FaceApp a go for yourself, and see what you end up with. Don't say we didn't warn you!