What Is The Git Up Challenge Taking Over TikTok Right Now?

Forget flossing or the Fortnite dance, the latest viral dance craze to hit the internet is the Git Up Challenge. 

Inspired by Blanco Brown's song The Get Up, the dance challenge has gone viral on social media, with millions of users posting their best moves online.

The country/hip hop artist posted a tutorial of the dance to YouTube, which has now clocked up over three million views.

After going viral on social media site TikTok, fans are taking to the streets with the moves - performing it in supermarkets, parks, on the street and at work.

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In Austin, USA, even the local police couldn't resist giving it a go.

The unusual combination of country and dance genres is proving to be a hit on the charts recently, with the Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus hit Old Town Road spending 13 weeks at number one on Billboard's Top 100.

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