Nintendo Confirms Sequel To 2017's Best-Rated Game 'Breath Of The Wild'

A mysterious new instalment to the Zelda series of video games has been unexpectedly teased by Nintendo at the E3 conference.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles -- more commonly known as E3 -- Nintendo dropped in a teaser for the sequel for the smash-hit game right at the end of its press conference.

The trailer had a darker tone than Breath of the Wild, showing famous characters Link and Zelda dealing with a new evil after the events of the previous game.

breath of the wild sequel
Zelda and Link in the untitled Breath of the Wild sequel. Photo: Nintendo.

"The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is now in development," a message at the end of the teaser read.

We have no name, details, or even release date -- just the knowledge it's coming.

The original game, released in 2017 to coincide with Nintendo's new Switch console, was the ninth best-selling video game of the year -- not bad, considering you had to fork out several hundred dollars just to play it.

It was the beloved Zelda franchise's first open-world game.

It was widely considered the best game of the year, earning a 97 score on review aggregator MetaCritic. It won the 2017 Game Awards, beating Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 6, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Super Mario Odyssey for Game of the Year. It was everywhere.

Understandable, then, that fans went berserk.

(Yes, people are very excited about short hair Zelda.)

But perhaps the biggest fan reaction at E3 was for another Nintendo game with nothing to do with Zelda whatsoever.

After weeks of rumours about a collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft, the former announced two classic characters would be joining its multi-player battle game, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate: Banjo and Kazooie.

Video footage shows fans screaming in ecstasy for minutes at a time. One fan nearly took his shirt off in all the excitement.

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