Finally ... A Promise To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Much Longer

Apple unveiled a whole heap of changes coming to iPhone's, Macs and iPads this week, but the company failed to highlight one feature that could change the lives of millions.

It's called 'optimised battery charging.'

Apple's upcoming operating system, iOS 13, is due to drop in Spring and with it comes an epic new feature that is expected to keep your battery healthier long-term.

According to the company's own list of what's to come, the charging feature will reduce the time your iPhone spends fully charged.

Batteries tend to age quicker when under stress, which can be caused by the battery sitting at 100 percent for long periods of time, aka overnight.

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Battery health has been a hot topic over the past 10 months, after the technology company was found throttling the processor speeds of iOS devices with degraded batteries to prolong device life.

The issue spurred Apple to be more forthcoming about overall battery health.

As they age, batteries retain less energy, that's when you start to see your charge plummet from 60 percent to 20 without warning.

So, Apple has developed a feature that stops your iPhone from charging at 80 percent until you need that final 20 percent top up.

How? It learns from your daily charging habits. Advanced learning algorithms will help the phone determine exactly when you’ll need the extra juice.

For example, if your alarm goes off and you unplug your phone at 6am every morning, the phone will learn and make sure the battery is topped up just in time for you to swing your legs out of bed.

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As usual, the function can be switched on and off to allow those with no routine or others who find the function frustrating, to opt out.

There is one catch -- the operating system will only be available for iPhone 6S and above, so if you have an old school iPhone disregard everything above.

It also won't extend the life of an old, dodgy battery.

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