The Harry Potter Version Of 'Pokemon GO' Has Landed In Australia

Calling all wizards and witches -- the long-awaited Harry Potter augmented reality game is here.

Made by Niantic -- the same people behind Pokemon Go -- it follows a similar pattern of interacting with objects found in the real world, using GPS.

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Guided by an adult Harry Potter and a new character called Constance Pickering (she "works with Hermione Granger on the Statue of Secrecy task force", apparently), your mission is to keep the wizarding world a secret from the Muggles.

Photo: 10 daily.

First up? Saving Hagrid from some cobwebs, apparently.

harry potter wizards unite
Like Pokemon Go, you can play it in VR or with a real-world background. Photo: 10 daily.

Australia and New Zealand are the first in the world to test the beta version of the game. You can download it on the App Store or Google Play.