Move Over Steph Curry, Robo-Ballers Are In Town

Cue3 stands at 208cm tall, can nail a half-court shot and has already sunk more three-pointers than Ben Simmons.

This bot is every basketballers worst nightmare.

Not only did Cue 3 beat two professional players in a three-point shooting contest it also nailed a half-court shot with ease.

The human-sized robot showed off its skills at a B-League match in Tokyo this week.

If we're being real, it doesn't have the quick, fluid release of NBA superstar Stephen Curry, nor can it dribble, pass or slam dunk, but the bot can turn heads with its impressive long-range accuracy.

As expected, Twitter can't get enough.

Some are confident it's the first step to AI taking over the sporting world.

Others have pointed out that the bot can sink three-pointers a lot better than Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons -- who is yet to make a three on 17 attempts over two NBA seasons just FYI.

Despite having its own Alvark Tokyo uniform and all, Cue 3 is reportedly only being used for promo purposes.

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So don't stress, it still has quite a few skills to master.