Man's Toddler Locks Him Out Of His iPad for 48 Years

“iPad is disabled. Try again in 25,536,442 minutes” -- the words no one wants to see, ever.

But that was the reality for journalist Evan Osnos, after his three-year-old tried to unlock his iPad, a thousand or so times.

It was locked for 47.5 years. Years.

Basically, if an incorrect passcode is entered more than six times, your device will be disabled for longer and longer periods of time, which could lead to a 48-year -- or even longer -- lock-out.

That's what happened to this fella.

The writer shared a photo of the screen of his locked-out tablet to Twitter, asking users for advice:

As expected, many of the responses weren't exactly helpful. Some told him to be patient, others pointed to time travel.

Some suggested a reboot, while others said it could make a memorable birthday gift for the little one:

Several users did offer some handy advice though, pointing to a number of articles explaining exactly how to unlock your disabled device.

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So how do you fix it?

Apple has guidelines to help people reset their devices.

Firstly, connect the troubled device to your computer, open iTunes and force restart it. When you see the option to Restore or Update, chose Restore.

If you've never synced the device before, you'll have to reset your device, meaning you'll have to wave goodbye to all of your data.