The WhatsApp Read-Receipt Hack You Need To Know

Ever been itching to read a message but can't because your read receipts are on and you really don't want to reply? Well, we have a game-changing solution.

Turning off your read receipts on WhatsApp is frowned upon, globally.

Recipients find comfort -- and frustration -- in those tiny blue ticks next to each message.

Don't even think about Airplane Mode either, the second you switch it off, the blue ticks are right in front of your face.

But, if you've got an iPhone 6S or older, we've got a hack that is exclusively for you.

First - turn on your 3D touch -- that function that gives you different options depending on how hard you press the screen.

[Settings → General  → Accessibility  → Switch Control  → Menu Items  → Gestures]

Now, when you receive a message if you tap once you'll be taken straight into the message and it's game over BUT if you press hard and hold on the chat, you'll get a full-view preview of the most recent messages in the chat, without those pesky blue ticks.

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A word of warning, don't press too hard or you could open the entire chat.

The 10 Daily team has tested the hack and our advice is to fiddle around with it before you give it a serious go.

You're welcome.