We're Not Even Kidding, Nintendo's New CEO Is Named Bowser

After more than 15 years with CEO Reggie Fils-Aime at the helm, Nintendo America is about to welcome a new president -- Doug Bowser.

Oh yes, you read that right, Bowser is now in charge.

We cannot get over the coincidence of having a CEO named after the brand's villain, but we're also sure that Bowser will do great things and avoid throwing too many red shells around the place.

While Twitter is clearly having a field day with this news, Nintendo fans are posting their thanks to Reggie -- who specifically liked being referred to by his first name only -- for his work.

In a video posted to Nintendo America's Twitter page, Reggie thanked fans for their "neverending support and passionate love of Nintendo".

"From the first time I saw the nickname 'Regginator', I realised that Nintendo fans share a unique sense of community," he said.

"A bond that goes beyond just the love of video games. For the last 15 years, I've been honoured to be included as part of your family."

In honour of his retirement, one Twitter user pointed out that Reggie is the only person of Haitian descent to lead a Fortune 500 company, writing, "Black History lesson for you all, Reggie Fils-Aime was an American born to Haitian parents in NYC... Thank you for making your countrymen proud, Reggie."

Others are taking to Twitter with the hashtag #ThankYouReggie to express their love and appreciation for the former CEO.

While it's clear he has very big shoes to fill, Bowser seems like he could be the right Koopa Troopa for the job.