Uber Eats To Deliver Ready-To-Eat Meals From Coles In New Partnership

Coles and Uber Eats are joining forces in a world-first partnership to deliver customers meals.

From Tuesday, people will be able to order meals from Coles Pagewood, in Sydney's south, through the Uber Eats app as part of the program's pilot.

On the menu will be several different ready-to-eat meals including roast chickens, deli salads, bakery items and frozen desserts, while those with a few minutes to spare can also pick from ready-to-heat options like pizzas and pies.

'Grab and Go' options and drinks will also be available.

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Essentially, it's aimed at being a cheaper alternative to ordering a similar meal from a restaurant.

“Making food delivery more affordable and convenient for everyday meals are top strategic priorities for us," Regional General Manager for Uber Eats in Australia and New Zealand Jodie Auster.

“We believe this trial will complement the current Coles Online offering by delivering meals in an average of less than 30 minutes, which can be tracked in the Uber Eats app from the time of order to drop-off."

Under the trial, a dedicated Coles team will pick orders from the shelves before handing them to Uber Eats drivers, who will deliver the goods for a $5 delivery fee.

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Sushi will be on the menu for the new service. Image: provided

The aim is to provide time-poor people with another opportunity to access convenient and affordable food delivery , head of operations for Uber Eats Australia and New Zealand Matt Denman told 10 News First.

"People are busy," he said.

"So if you think about obviously families with both parents working and trying to get home and get the kids sort of showered and ready for bed and all of that then they don't have a lot of time and so we think this is a really exciting proposition that allows people to get time back."

Uber Eats is currently available in 24 cities across Australia and New Zealand, partnering with more than 16,000 restaurants.

At this point, the offering is only available to customers ordering from the Pagewood store between 10am and 8pm.

If the test run is successful, it may make its way to other cities and suburbs, however, there are no current plans to deliver grocery products through Uber Eats.

Hot meals such as roast chickens and wedges will be available. Image: provided

It may be the first time Aussies have been able to order meals from the supermarket via the Uber Eats app, but it isn't the first go at teaming up for the companies.

In 2017, Coles launched a trial of Uber Rush -- a service which would deliver products missing from online grocery orders. Run out of Melbourne's Richmond store, the service was never rolled out and closed in May 2018.