Do You Really Know How To Spot An Online Scam?

Spotting a dodgy email can sometimes be like solving a puzzle. But a Google run company called Jigsaw wants to change that.

Every day millions of people click on dodgy email links designed to A) steal a password or B) trick you into installing malware.

We've all seen it. Attackers will send a legitimate-looking message where you're asked to enter your personal information or change your password and voila, a stranger gains access to your account.

It used to be simple to spot the malicious messages but it seems those behind them are becoming stealthier, making it harder and harder to separate the genuine emails from the fake.

The threat is very real.

Scamwatch received 24,291 reports of phishing scams last year alone. Those people lost just under $1 million on these particular rackets.

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Now Google has designed a quiz to help educate internet users on how to spot those fake messages and avoid becoming another phishing victim.

“We created this quiz based on the security training we’ve held with nearly 10,000 journalists, activists, and political leaders around the world from Ukraine to Syria to Ecuador,” lead product manager Justin Henck wrote in a blog post announcing the phishing quiz.

“We’ve studied the latest techniques attackers use and designed the quiz to teach people how to spot them.”

CLICK HERE to take the quiz and learn exactly how more of us are getting tripped up.

Trust us, it's well worth the five minutes.

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