Clothes-Folding Robots And Redundant Cows: The Best New Tech At CES 2019

Las Vegas is currently packed with international media, the biggest consumer technology brands and thousands of startups.

Each year they all converge in January for CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, where the world gets insight into the products and services to be seen in the near (and distant) future.

We’ve been eating, doing the laundry and watched a lot of TV, all in the name of CES. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest things you really need to know about.

We won’t be folding the clothes in the future

If there is a chore, there is someone working on an easier way to get it done. We have robots doing the vacuuming already but we need something to fold the clothes.

Meet Foldimate.

This is an appliance similar in size to a washing machine which is fed clothing items and automatically folds them perfectly for you to stack them in the drawer at the bottom. It has to be seen to be believed.

Our Televisions are getting bigger and better

Over time, the average size of televisions purchased has continued to increase. In 2020 it is forecasted that 65-inch will be the new norm. While we’ve all been adjusting to 4K and the amazing picture quality from those televisions, we’ve now been told that 8K TV will be in stores this year.

Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics America Dave Das showcases the QLED 8K television at the Samsung press conference during CES 2019 in Las Vegas on January 7, 2019. (DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images)

LG has gone so far that they’ll have an 88-inch 8K TV coming, while Samsung have a whopping 98-inch 8K TV coming, if you can afford it. All we know is that if you’ve got a blemish to hide on TV, it’s going to get harder.

Cars are getting smarter

At CES, we continued to witness the cars of the future -- and they look like lounge rooms on wheels, really. They drive themselves and we may see one on roads in 20 years.

What we did experience, which we’ll see very soon, are how connected our cars will be -- not just to the internet but to “things”, and we’ll use voice to control it. A navigation company called HERE Technologies demonstrated an infotainment system being installed in cars in the next few years which we’ll talk to using the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

People sit in a SPACe_L Autonomous Cabin vehicle at the Panasonic exhibit during CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 8, 2019. (DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images)

Asking the HERE navigation system to take you to the nearest coffee shop is simple, but also asking the navigation system to order and pay for your coffee is handy. The system will also use your location to ensure it is prepared just as you’re arriving, and you’ll get a parking spot because the car will know how many spots are available at the destination, and offer alternatives if necessary.

That is a reality that is coming to Australia very soon and we cannot wait.

Is the Cow due for Redundancy?

While many companies have looked to season a piece of tofu and convince you it’s meat, that just doesn’t cut it. Impossible Foods had a mission to create a beef burger patty that is so close to the real thing that we won’t be able to notice.

The Impossible Burger 2.0 is introduced at a press event during CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 7, 2019. (ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Version 2.0 of the Impossible Burger was released from the labs at CES, and they hope they’ve created a burger patty that looks, smells and feels like real meat. It tastes delicious and it had us fooled.

Impossible Foods also say the nutrition levels are better than the real thing with high levels of protein and zero cholesterol in their products.

Our appliances will talk, to each other

Both Samsung and LG spent time discussing Artificial Intelligence at CES, and one thing we’re excited about is the ability for our new fridge to recommend recipes based on what is inside, send that recipe to the oven so preheating can begin, and inform the dishwasher what the next load will be like.

Our washing machines will help us decide on the correct cycle to use on those grass-stained jeans, and when you’re running low on washing powder, it’ll place an order for you.

As we depart Las Vegas with a vision of what the future holds, we’re ultimately most excited about the way it impacts our lives and the new levels of convenience, safety and connectivity will only mean positive changes ahead. Now is the time to start saving for that folding machine…

Geoff Quattromani is a tech commentator across various TV and radio networks and can be reached via Twitter