Someone Copped 658 Uber Eats Orders This Year And That’s OK

Uber dished out a whole bunch of stats about our 2018 Eats habits and… Wow.

Between us, we ordered a total of 83 million chicken nuggets.

Well done, everyone.

It’s been a muy bien year for Mexican lovers too. It’s our most sought-after cuisine, and we burned through 4.7 million burritos.

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But the big one is that someone, somewhere, has placed 658 Uber Eats orders so far this year alone.


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If we assume they continue their strike rate of 1.8 orders a day for the final 19 days of the year, and then tack on a few extra (because let’s face it, that app is getting slammed thanks to Christmas parties), this mysterious gourmand could crack 700 orders for 2018.

(David Silverman/Getty Images)

And yes, the orders probably came from a bunch of different people using a single account, but still, what an effort.

Some other stats of note;

  • Hot chips were the most popular menu item for the second year in a row.
  • Cheeseburgers are the number one item after midnight (duh).
  • Someone ordered from 178 different restaurants this year.
  • Someone else ordered $914.25 worth of Domino’s pizza in one go.
  • Searches for ‘healthy’ options were up 149 percent from June to October.

The company also dropped a few interesting stats about the Uber ridesharing app. Turns out the Sydney Opera House is the tenth most popular landmark for people to be dropped off at in the world.

The Empire State Building was number one.

(Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Aussies have Ubered their way around 78 of the 79 countries the app operates in. Paraguay is the only Uber location that Aussies haven't taken a ride in yet.

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There were more than 210,000 rides taken during Sydney's Mardi Gras in March, but AFL Grand Final Day was the most popular day of the year. They didn’t tell us how many rides there were, but just imagine the surge pricing around the ‘G.

Also, not to harp on about it -- but if you know the god/goddess racking up all those Uber Eats orders please get in touch. We’ve got questions.