The 'Smart Loo' That Tracks Your Health With Every Wee

You soon may be able to monitor your health from the comfort of the porcelain throne.

We use apps to track our fitness, sleep, finances, food intake and social media -- so why wouldn't we use one to track our, erm... toilet time?

Scientists at Cambridge University have created an 'intelligent toilet' designed to analyse your health in real time (while you're on actually on the throne), with information delivered straight to an app on your phone.

And all from what you do on the loo.

The future of flushing is here. Image: Getty

The smart toilet features use nano-sensors to identify molecules in urine called biomarkers, that when analysed can reveal details about your health.

The main material used to analyse your waste is called graphene, a thin 2D layer of super sensitive carbon that is activated when touched by a biomarker.

Sensors then trap the biomarkers in the urine and by subjecting them to intense light and movement, they emit different colours which allow levels of concentration to be measured.

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Would you take health advice from your toilet? Image: Getty

"It is amazing. A nanopore measurement which in itself doesn't look too impressive, it's a signal that drops every now and then.

"The fact that you're looking at something that's so small you couldn't see it with a microscope is fascinating," Niklas Ermann, a bio-physicist at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, told Reuters.

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It's hoped the new technology will give early indications of serious diseases that can be identified more quickly than current methods, hopefully in time to start preventative care.

Instead of waiting for a GP, just flush the results in. Image: Getty

"We're talking about at the point of care where you wouldn't take a sample and send it off to some lab and wait a week.

"You would have a small device which can screen for different indicators of disease say, and it can do it right there," Ermann said.

The intelligent toilet sends your results to an app on your phone for your records and can even alert your GP if something needs attention.

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