Cheapest To Most Data -- Compare iPhone Xs Plans From Telstra, Optus And Vodafone

When Apple announced the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max on Thursday, it confirmed suspicions that it would be the first phone models to crack the $2,000 mark.

In fact, the most expensive model, the iPhone Xs Max 512GB, sailed past that figure, coming in at $2,369.

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If you're looking to get your hands on one of these newer models, its worth comparing the plans available from Australia's major telcos -- Telstra, Optus and Vodafone -- to see which one is right for you.

A quick note here: there's a LOT of plans. For clarity's sake, we looked at 24 month plans for the iPhone Xs only, but if you want more details, head on over to the websites.

Which iPhone Xs plan is the cheapest?

If you're going for the bare bones version, the cheapest here is Vodafone's $35 per month plan, which has a minimum monthly cost of $102.87 per month (which is for the phone plus the service) and minimum total cost of $1663.88.

But that only comes with 2GB of data, so unless you're planning on using this highly sophisticated phone for calls and texts only, you might want to look at a plan with a little more room. Spend $10 more, for example, and you get double the data already.

Which iPhone Xs Plan has the most data?

The good news is that if you want to use your phone to watch Netflix for five hours a day and not go over your data allowance, then you can do that. Telstra is offering unlimited data for the sum of $199 per month for the 64GB model, which also comes with 10GB of roaming data for that overseas trip.

On the slightly less pricey end of town, Optus is offering 200GB of data -- its highest offering -- for $125 per month on the same model.

Which iPhone Xs plan has the most storage for the cheapest price?

We've all been there: reaching the end of our storage plan, and being forced to delete photos in order to free up some space.

The iPhone Xs comes in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB models, which will all increase in price the bigger your plan.

The largest size -- and therefore most expensive -- is obviously the 512GB model, which starts at $115 at Optus, $162.62 at Vodafone, and $129 at Telstra.

Remember, these are only comparisons for the 24-month plans; Vodafone, for example, offers 12 and 36 month plans as well, which will appear cheaper or more expensive on paper but ultimately end up the same price.

If you want to find out more about these plans, head on over to Telstra, Optus or Vodafone for the full details.

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