Apple Watch Series 4 Can Detect Falls And Perform An ECG

Fall detection and ECG capabilities is a game-changer.

The Apple Watch has been viewed as little more than a fancy fitness tracker you can make phone calls on like Agent 99, but the new model, unveiled on Thursday in California, could be a literal lifesaver.

Like the older models, the Apple Watch Series 4 monitors heart rate, and will let you know if the heart rate is raised when you appear to be inactive.

But the new model will be able to do the same when your heart rate drops or is irregular, and -- perhaps most importantly -- detect falls and call for help.

"The fall detection on the new Apple Watch will save lives," tweeted Associated Press journalist Ken Sweet.

"People are making fun that it's a 'life alert' but my grandmother ultimately died from a fall and wasn't able to reach a phone."

A new electrical heart rate sensor will be able to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) within 30 seconds of touching the app.

It will be able classify is the heart is beating in a normal pattern or whether there are signs of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), as well as make this data easily shareable with medical practitioners.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will be able to perform an ECG. Photo: Apple.

"As someone who needs to keep an eye on post-chemo effects on my heart condition each year, AFib detection and ECG on the Watch are huge," tweeted tech journalist Federico Viticci.

The watch is an "intelligent guardian for your health", said Apple's chief operating officer Jeff Williams.

Other changes in the new model include an extended six-hour battery life, a larger display, a relocated microphone to "reduce echo for better sound quality", and a watch-to-watch communication method that allows Apple Watch users to talk to one another like using a Walkie-Talkie.

Apple announced the phone at an event on Thursday, along with three new iPhone models: the XS, the XS Max, and the budget XR.

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At $599 for the 40mm model and $649 for the 44mm model, the Apple Watch Series 4 isn't cheap.

It's available for pre-order from September 14 and will ship September 21.

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Lead photo: Apple