Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Jones And Infowars, Citing Abusive Behaviour

Somewhere, Alex Jones is yelling.

Twitter said on Thursday that it had permanently banned U.S. conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website Infowars from its platform and Periscope.

The company said in a tweet that the accounts violated its behavior policies.

"Today, we permanently suspended Alex Jones and Infowars from Twitter and Periscope," it said.

"We took this action based on new reports of tweets and videos posted yesterday that violate our abusive behaviour policy, in addition to the accounts' past violations."

Alex Jones is a notorious conspiracy theorist, who has a relationship with Donald Trump. Photo: Infowars.

It was a direct result of Jones' behaviour at a Senate hearing about allegations of anti-conservative bias on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Jones and his camera crew harassed CNN reporter Oliver Darcy at the hearing, calling him "the equivalent of the Hitler youth"; Jones and Infowars later pushed the content out through Twitter.

Twitter has come under fire in recent months for a lack of transparency over what actions violates its rules and what does not.

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Announcing the reasons behind this ban was an unusual step for the social media giant.

"As we continue to increase transparency around our rules and enforcement actions, we wanted to be open about this action give the broad interest in this case," it continued.

"We do not typically comment on enforcement actions we take against individual accounts, for their privacy.

"We will continue to evaluate reports we receive regarding other accounts potentially associated with Alex Jones or Infowars and will take action if content that violates our rules is reported our rules is reported or if other accounts are utilised in an attempt to circumvent their ban."

Last month, Twitter banned Jones and Infowars for seven days, citing tweets that it said violated the company’s rules against abusive behavior, which state that a user may not engage in targeted harassment of someone or incite other people to do so.

The ban came weeks after Apple, YouTube, and Facebook took down podcasts and channels from Jones, citing community standards.

In other Alex Jones news, the conspiracy theorist is facing a lawsuit from the parents of a boy killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.

Jones has spent years peddling a lie that the shooting was a left-wing hoax and that their never existed; the couple have been forced to move several times due to harassment.

Twitter has rarely made the move to permanently ban alt-right figureheads despite violating the rules. Prior to Jones, the most notorious person banned was former alt-right poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos, who at most recent check appeared to be having a very normal meltdown to being de-platformed.

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