Australia's Batting Shame: Almost 200 Innings, Just One Century

Australia is 8/258 at stumps, as India tolls towards victory in the third Test at the MCG. When it actually happens and the margin of victory is immaterial.

What matters is the state of Australian cricket. And the main thing to note about the state of Aussie cricket is this:

The batting sucks.

Nothing emphasises this fact more than the lack of Test centuries we've scored this year.

Get this: It's a list of the total number of centuries our batsmen have scored in each of the last six calendar years. (You can see the full stats of who who scored them and so on here.)

  • 2013 -- 14 Test centuries
  • 2014 -- 15 Test centuries
  • 2015 -- 21 Test centuries
  • 2016 -- 12 Test centuries
  • 2017 -- 15 Test centuries
  • 2018 -- 4 Test centuries

That’s right. We have scored just four Test centuries this year.

Four centuries in a year. It's pitiful. But wait. It gets much, much worse.

  • In the previous five calendar years, we scored a combined 77 centuries. That's an average of 15.4 per year compared to this year's four.
  • Three of this year's centuries were in the Sydney New Year’s Test almost 12 months ago.
  • Since then, we’ve played four Tests in South Africa, two against Pakistan in the UAE and three so far in this series.
  • Nine Tests, one century. That's the sad story since Sydney. For the record, it was Usman Khawaja's epic match-saving 141 in the UAE in October.
  • Here's a final way of looking at this. Australia has sent a batsman to the crease nearly 200 times in almost 12 months. And only once has that man returned with triple figures.
  • Yep, not good.

As we all know, our bowling quartet is world class right now. Forget about those guys. They get a pass -- although Mitchell Starc could bowl a few less wild balls down the leg side.

But the big issue is the batting, and it's a problem that is magnified with our two best players, Steve Smith and Dave Warner, still serving suspensions for ball-tampering.

You've only had to watch the cricket for half an hour this summer to see how badly we're faring at the crease. In any given half hour, you'd be pretty much guaranteed to see a wicket.

The averages for the current series tell a story too. Not pretty reading.

But nothing speaks to our batting failures like the lack of huge scores. Sheesh. We haven't even reached the old backyard cricket milestone of the three-quarter century in this series.

Big scores win matches. That's the bottom line. It really is as simple as that. The question is: is there any Aussie out there apart from Smith and Warner who can make them?

Scroll down through our live coverage to see how all of today's action panned out.


  • Pat Cummins, you star!
  • Down to the tail
  • Head Paine after tea
  • Khawaja goes half an hour after lunch, Marshes follow
  • Harris goooone
  • Finch falls as Aussies begin chase
  • India declare! 399 to win for Aussies
  • Cummins strikes twice!
  • India start well
  • Let's be honest, Australia have no chance. The number 332 proves it.

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