The 7 Types Of Footy Fans You'll See On Grand Final Day

Raise your overpriced Carlton Draught and get the roof of your mouth ready for a meat pie burn. It's every true footy fan's favourite day of the year: The AFL Grand Final.

This Saturday the Tigers will go head to head with the Giants as they battle it out to claim the 2019 Premiership Flag. It's set to be a cracker of a game -  and not just because of the athleticism on display.

People from all walks of life come out of the woodworks on Grand Final day, bonded momentarily by their pure enjoyment of the iconic pre-game anthem Up There Cazaly.

Despite sharing a passion for the game, the almost 100,000 supporters couldn't be more different. With this in mind, here is your ultimate matchday guide of who you can expect to see at the game.


The Boys

The infamous white guy selfie meme. Image: Reddit
"The boys, the boys, the boys the boys the boys"

Favourite player: Trent Cotchin

Here for: The banter

Post-game plans: Doing a shooey on Swan Street


Lit Middle-Aged Women

Meryl Streep. Image: Giphy
Has a Richmond Tigers badge on their profile pic

Favourite player: Alex Rance

Here for: Likes on their Facebook check-in

Post-game plans: BYO wine and dumplings in Chinatown


Kids With Dusty Cuts

The infamous 'Dusty Cut'. Image: Instagram @slimfadeycuts
Guaranteed to be high on sugar

Favourite player: Dustin Martin

Here for: Booing Toby Greene

Post-game plans: Squeezing onto a packed train and heading back to the suburbs


Adults With Dusty Cuts

A passionate Richmond supporter. Image: Getty
Proud life member of the Richmond Football Club

Favourite player: You guessed it, Dustin Martin

Here for: Starting “yellow and black” chants, wishing for Toby Greene to injure himself

Post-game plans: Another Premiership tattoo


GWS Supporters - Sydney Locals

A Giants supporter. Image: Getty
Not their first time wearing high-vis

Favourite player: Phil Davis

Here for: Seeing what all the fuss is about

Post-game plans: Watching the NRL Prelim at the casino


GWS Supporters - Melbourne Ex-Pats

How Sydney-siders will feel on Saturday. Image: Giphy
Grateful they brought a sleeveless puffer jacket

Favourite player: Jeremy Cameron

Here for: Paul Kelly

Post-game plans: Making jokes about how cold it is



Image: Giphy
Wearing team colours... on their pocket square

Favourite player: Jack Riewoldt

Here for: A promotion

Post-game plans: Networking at the MCC members' bar