'The Last Dance' Is Making Aussies Buy Tank Tops In Winter

It appears we've forgotten winter is coming as plenty of Aussies have bought Chicago Bulls jerseys and tank tops so they can look just like Mike.

Netflix’s documentary 'The Last Dance', about Michael Jordan’s final season in the NBA, has helped soothe the pain of sport-starved viewers all over the world.

Jordan’s legendary moves on the court have left many feeling nostalgic for iconic '90s basketball-inspired fashion.

Tank tops and Air Jordans -- an iconic '90s look. Image: eBay

While it’s not a new thing to see people wearing NBA gear, it's likely we'll be seeing a lot of one team in particular for the next few months.

According to eBay, sales of vintage Chicago Bulls merchandise has surged by 458 per cent since the 10 part series began airing in April.

Aussies appear to be after their own piece of Bulls history, with sales for items signed by Jordan seeing a 306 per cent increase, while searches with his name have gone up 180 per cent on the online marketplace.



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The Bulls may be front and centre of the doco, but basketball jersey sales, in general, have risen 89 per cent, and shorts have gone up 65 per cent on the platform.

The retro uniforms are not the only clothing style coming back, there’s also been a 44 per cent increase for berets.

The increased demand for the headwear is being put down to the iconic outfits worn by Jordan and teammates Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman during the documentary.

Will Dennis Rodman's top hat come back in style as well? Image: Getty

“Known for his legendary skills on the court, we’re now seeing Michael Jordan having a moment for something else — his slam dunk fashion sense, showcased by Aussies filling their eBay carts with a variety of merch and styles featured in the popular series,” said eBay Australia's Sophie Onikul.

“We’ve seen the likes of the Hadid sisters rocking '90s inspired fashion and now iconic stars like Cindy Crawford are digging out their vintage Bulls merch in honour of the show.

“eBay is a true cultural barometer where buyer behaviour reflects what’s happening in pop culture and the data proves these trends don’t take long to infiltrate our own wardrobes.”

1997: Guard Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls speaks reporters before a playoff game against the Utah Jazz. Image: Getty
A close-up shows the number 23 on the back of the shoes worn by Michael Jordan during practice for the All-Star Game in Cleveland, Ohio. Image: Getty

On Google, the search for Air Jordan, the Nike shoes created for MJ, has spiked massively since the series launched on Netflix.

The Google search for Bulls merchandise also spiked from April 19, the first time since November 2019.



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Basketball legend Michael Jordan says viewers of a new documentary about his final season with the Chicago Bulls may be left thinking he’s a “horrible guy”.

Mike's Daughter Also Had To Google Him

While the documentary has been a chance for fans to reflect on the iconic time for the sport, Jordan’s daughter Jasmine has been “harassing” him to know more about the story. 

“He's probably tired of me texting him,” she said in an interview with Associated Press.

"But for me, it's like, hey, as I said, I was super young so I'm really taking this in as a fan. And I'm also trying to corroborate all those stories you were telling me all those years.”

1997: Bulls guard Michael Jordan and centre Luc Longley. Image: Getty

Jasmine, who was born in 1992, said her young age at the time of her dad’s retirement meant she didn’t understand what was happening.

It appears a lot of Aussies still want to be like Mike. Image: Getty

“I laugh because I actually Googled my dad at one point just to figure it out,” she said.

I was like why is everyone so intrigued by you, you're just dad, you're not that cool.

“But lo and behold, he was kind of a big deal.”