'I Have All The Symptoms': Bernard Tomic In Isolation, But Not Tested For Coronavirus

Bernard Tomic has gone into self isolation, claiming he has 'all the symptoms' of coronavirus.

The former world number 17 is currently in isolation in Miami after reportedly falling ill last week, the Herald Sun reports.

“Since Tuesday, started feeling not right,” he told the publication.

“I already had shortness of breath and my immune system was low and run down."

Image: AAP

However he is yet to be tested for Covid 19 despite claiming to have "all the symptoms".

Tomic believes he contracted the disease while travelling between tournaments -- from Mexico to Monterrey.

The Queenslander said Australians need to "take this super seriously", adding he doesn't know how long he'll be in isolation or when he can be tested.

Australia recorded 100 new cases of the deadly virus in just 24 hours, its biggest spike yet, with 300 confirmed cases across the country.