Football Clubs Are Filling The Void With Closely-Fought Games Of Connect 4

As the number of sporting events postponed or cancelled grows because of coronavirus, fans have been left to wonder "what do I do with my life now?". 

Thankfully, football clubs are stepping up to fill the void.

On Saturday night, German Bundesliga club Bayer 04 Leverkusen answered a fan's plea to play Connect 4 on Twitter. But when Leverkusen's opponent tapped out of the match, English Championship side Hull City stepped in.

What followed was nearly three hours of a hotly-contested match between the two European sides, complete with commentary.

"The boys are now moving the ball wide. Could this be the start of a decent-looking move for the Tigers?" said Hull City after one spectacular play.

Even BBC Match of the Day got in on the action, live-tweeting updates.

Soon #HULB04 on Twitter became the place to be for fans looking for their weekend football fix.

Hull City walked away winners from the first Twitter Connect 4, and for a team that is struggling in the Championship it obviously meant a lot to get a win, with celebrations going well into Sunday morning.

It was a tough blow for Leverkusen, with a spokesperson saying after the match the team had fallen apart at the end.

"Definitely need to work on making more meaningful connections in our build-up. We'll do a full analysis and try to remain positive. We go again sometime soon," a club spokesperson said.



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The trend has since grown, with English side Bristol City beating Willem II Tilburg, who play in the Dutch top tier Eredivisie.

With Australian sport in limbo, we had a taste of what might be to come on Monday morning, when the first Aussie version of Twitter Connect 4 took place.

A-Leagues Memes (ALM), the perennial meme-making social media presence of the A-League, put an open offer out to clubs in Australia for a Connect 4 match.

ALM got off to a good start, swatting away Melbourne City in a game lasting just over an hour.

But they couldn't back up the performance against Brisbane Roar, after a particularly bad move in the 60th minute.

Noughts and Crosses is also becoming popular, with Premier League clubs Manchester City and Southampton going head-to-head.

Both sides were evenly matched and each walked away with a point after a 0-all scoreline.

So, Australian sport may not be cancelled (yet), but at least we know what we to look forward to.

Jessica Dunne


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