Warner And Perry 'Photoshop Fail' Sparks Outrage After 'Sexist' Edit

There is no denying Australian cricketer David Warner is a little challenged in the height department but we never expected his stature to come under so much scrutiny.

The Australian newspaper has come under fire for giving him a bit of a boost at an awards night on Sunday.

A bizarre image appeared on the front of the publication yesterday which showed Warner towering over female counterpart Ellyse Perry.

Warner and Perry took home top honours at the Australian Cricket Awards, winning the Allan Border and Belinda Clark medals respectively.

Image: AAP

Images from the awards ceremony clearly indicate that Perry is much taller than Warner -- and she's wearing heels. According to their bios on the Cricket Australia website Warner stands at 171cm and Perry at 176cm.

But the photo that appeared on the cover of The Australian was edited to show the opposite, sparking a social media rage.

Many accused The Australian of being sexist, others sarcastically joked about how the newspaper "fixed the proper order of things".

But News Corp employees were quick to suggest there was no malice behind the positioning. journalist Jai Bednall said the entire thing is a "conspiracy theory" and that Twitter users who accused the publication of deliberately making Warner taller were "embarrassingly wrong".

He blames deadlines and not having access to the most current images from the event, so the page editors were forced to cut an image of Warner which was taken earlier in the night.

"And the decision on how tall to make him? It likely wasn’t a decision at all," Bendall wrote.

10 daily has reached out to Warner and Perry for comment.