Aussies Will Lose 40 Million Hours Of Sleep Watching The Australian Open Finals

Australians will choose tennis over sleep as the Australian Open reaches its crescendo this weekend.

There may not be any Australians left in the singles tournaments, but home fans will still be tuning in to watch the tennis regardless of the late hour, according to a new study by YouGov.

Fans will remember the 2012 men's final, when Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal played the longest-ever Grand Slam final match into the early hours of the next morning.

After the epic five hour and 53 minute clash, both Djokovic and Nadal struggled to remain standing during the trophy presentation.

Despite the match finishing just hours before alarm clocks began ringing around the country, it remains one of the most-watched finals in history.



Too Tired To Stand: Nadal And Djokovic's 2012 Aus Open Final Was Nuts

The Australian Open 2012 men's singles final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal has gone down as the greatest Grand Slam final in history.

And tennis diehards will be willing to do it all again this weekend.

The report, commissioned by coffee company Lavazza, found that 40 million hours of sleep will be lost by Aussies watching the finals on Saturday and Sunday.

This was calculated via the number of Australians aged over 18 reported by the Australian Electoral Commission, and the amount of time they report to stay up late in the YouGov report.

For Sydney local Max, staying up to watch the tennis is just part of summer.

"Good sense would dictate I should check the results when I get up in the morning, but when the tennis is this good, screw that!" he told 10 daily.

Aussies will forfeit 40 million hours of sleep to watch the Australian Open finals. Image: Getty

The national study found that more than eight million Australians will tune into the fortnight-long tournament -- with 20 percent saying they would stay glued to their screens until the very last point.

The report also found that 86 percent of those polled would stay up to watch the Australian Open over any other sporting event, including cricket, football and rugby league.

In true Aussie fashion, one-in-five say it's acceptable to chuck a sickie or be late to work after watching an iconic sporting game.

Eighty-six percent of those polled would stay up to watch the Australian Open over any other sporting event. Image: Getty

Hugh, who has spent the past fortnight burning the midnight oil to watch the Open, told 10 daily the lack of sleep is worth the excitement of the tournament.

"My dark eye circles have gotten so dark I might as well be a panda," he joked.

"I always stay up for the Open, even when it goes into the early hours because the tennis is only on for such a short amount of time each year."

Coffee is the first choice for 48 percent of those polled to get them through the long hours, followed by alcohol (31 percent) and energy drinks (16 percent).

More than eight million Australians will tune into the fortnight-long tournament. Image: Getty

“Australia’s love of tennis is renowned across the globe, which is echoed through the report," said  Silvio Zaccareo, Lavazza APAC Business Unit Director and Australia Managing Director.

"To support tennis fans' passion, we’ll be giving away complimentary coffees this weekend at our Australian Open cafés after 7pm.

"It promises to be another blockbuster and our refreshments will keep guests fuelled for all the action."

The report also found it was not just sleep being lost to keep up with matches, with one-in-ten Australians admitting they are guilty of streaming games or checking scores while on a date.