'I'm Bringing It Back Home': Alex Volkanovski Becomes First Aussie UFC Featherweight Champion

Alexander ''The Great' Volkanovski has become the first Australian to be named a UFC featherweight champion after producing a masterclass against US favourite Max Holloway.

Volkanovski, from the NSW south coast, is only the second Australian to win an Ultimate Fighting Champion title, after New Zealand-born and Australian- raised Robert Whittaker previously held the title of middleweight champion in 2017.

The 31-year-old had already notched up an impressive 18 consecutive wins before he unanimously took out the five-round fight against Max Holloway at the UFC 245 co-main event in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Alexander Volkanovski punches Max Holloway in their title fight. Image: Getty

One judge gave every round to Volkanovski, scoring it 50-45 and the other two judges had the Australian winning 48-47.

The Aussie landed more strikes in each round and was particularly successful with kicks to Holloway's legs.

Volkanovski controlled the distance for much of the fight and also landed several meaty right-hand punches in addition to his relentless kicking assault.

Image: Getty

Holloway landed several good punches, but Volkanovski never allowed the Hawaiian to produce the non-stop pressure and high volume flurries that have made him a superstar.

While Holloway's defeat came as a shock for some, who consider him to be one of the greater featherweight champions of all time, Volkanovski said he wouldn't let the pressure get to him.

The former rugby league player said the win was an early Christmas present to take back to his family in Australia.

"Mission completed. I said it and a lot of times everyone says they're going to do it... to take out Max... and I just did it," Volkanovski said in a post-match interview, adding that he would be keen for a rematch with Holloway in Australia.

"I spend too much time away from the family, but it's my job I have to do it. And now I can say it was worth it."

Volkanovski is the first Australian-born UFC featherweight champion. Image: Getty

He also vowed he would continue proving his haters wrong and would stick around as champion for a long time to come.

"Whoever thinks they're the next in line, bring it on I'll take them out," he said.

"I believe I'm the best fighter in the featherweight division right now, I just proved it so let's see if someone else can prove me wrong."

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