Shayna Jack Believes Banned Substance Wasn't In Her 'Control'

Australian swimmer Shayna Jack revealed to Lisa Wilkinson on The Sunday Project she believes it was not her in "control" that she was contaminated with a banned substance.

In May, Jack was sent home from a training camp in South Korea before the World Swimming Championships for testing positive to the muscle-building substance Ligandrol.

Jack said she "wouldn't buy" Ligandrol, and was told that it is banned in Australia and could only be bought on the black market, but soon learnt "it's actually everywhere."

"I had a lot of people come forward and tell me they take this drug," she said in her first television interview since her positive result.

"General people who go to the gym. Some people were using it as a recovery, they had big days at work but wanted to exercise still and use it as a recovery."

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While Jack maintains she did not knowingly take the drug, she does not know how it ended up in her system.

"There's a chance of it being in a contaminated supplement," she said.

"The unfortunate thing is I hadn't taken supplements two months prior to that test."

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What Exactly Is The Drug That Did In Shayna Jack?

Australian freestyle swimmer Shayna Jack tested positive to the banned substance Ligandrol in late June, ahead of the the world swimming championships in South Korea this month.

But Jack also believes a contamination wasn't in her "control" either.

"There was a case in the past called the 'kiss cocaine case' and someone had taken cocaine and the partner, who was an athlete, kissed that person and they were contaminated," she said.

"I was being told that anything I come in contact with, within that period, could have been a risk of the contamination."

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At the same time Jack's tests results were revealed, teammate Mack Horton was making a public stand against Chinese swimmer Sun Yang.

Horton refused to stand on the podium with Sun during World Swimming Championships after labeling his rival a "drug cheat".

The pair have been feuding since 2014, after Sun was given a three-month ban for testing positive to the banned substance trimetazidine.



Standing Ovation For Mack Horton, But China Is NOT Happy

It started as gentle applause. Before long, it became a roar.

Horton was asked about Jack's case during the Championships, but refused to answer, and Jack said they have not spoken since her test results were revealed.

"Mack made a decision in that time and I respect the fact he stood up for clean sport because I have always stood up for clean sport," she said.

"Mack and I are teammates and he is still family to me as he's a part of the swimming community."

Jack said she was not aware at the time at the backlash Horton had received from Chinese media for his stand against Sun.

"I would love to talk to him," she said.

"But he's still preparing himself for an Olympics next year and I've got a completely different challenge ahead of me."

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Two of Jack's biggest supporters throughout the past six months have been champions Australian swimmers, Cate and Bronte Campbell.

The sisters voiced their support for Jack in an interview with the ABC's 7.30 Report in September.

Jack said they have been "100 percent" supportive of her.

"They've (Cate and Bronte) gone out of their way to make sure I'm okay," she said.

"Whenever they come to town they always see if I'm available to catch up and just chat."

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With the Tokyo Olympics coming up in July, Jack is fighting to clear her name in time to compete, but knows time is not on her side.

"That is my hope. That is always going to be my hope," she said.

"My dream has always been the Olympics, whether that be Tokyo or another four years time.

"I deserve to be standing behind those blocks wearing the green and gold and I will be back."

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Statements From Swimming Australia And ASADA

Statements in response to our story on Shayna Jack

Leigh Russell, Swimming Australia Chief Executive, told The Sunday Project support was being offered to Jack.

"We continue to provide support to Shayna and she remains in regular contact with our athletes and wellbeing manager but until the process is complete we are unable to comment any further," the statement said.