Food Recall At Optus Stadium During Test Match

Spectators enjoying day four of the Test between Australia and New Zealand at Optus Stadium were left feeling a little queasy by a food recall announcement.

During the first session in Perth an announcement on the stadium's big screen told spectators to return certain foods bought at the venue.

"If you have purchased any Sandwiches, Wraps or Salads at the stadium today please present back to the outlet of purchase immediately," the notice read.

Confused spectators posted photos of the sign on social media.

"Drama at Optus stadium... I made my own sandwiches today," said one Twitter user.

"Not something you see very often on a scoreboard," said another.

A later update clarified it was wraps, sandwiches and salads containing chicken that should be returned by spectators.

An Optus Stadium spokesperson told 10 daily a member of the catering staff found what was believed to be under-cooked chicken in one of the products.

The three recalled items -- wraps, sandwiches, and salads -- are all provided by the one catering company.

In a "proactive" response, the spokesperson said the stadium decided to recall the three chicken products and remove them from sale.

Less than 20 had been sold throughout the day.

A spokesperson updated 10 daily, and said all sold products had been accounted for and  most were unconsumed.

There have been no reports of people being ill.