Football Manager Flattened By Opposition Captain Sparking All-Out Brawl

A Bundesliga football match descended into chaos on Sunday after a coach copped a shoulder charged from the opposition captain, leaving him flat on his back.

Eintracht Frankfurt was trailing Freiburg 1-0 in the dying seconds when captain David Abraham sprinted down the field to retrieve the ball near the halfway line.

As the ball ran out of play, Freiburg manager Christian Streich stepped in the path of the 1.88 metre Argentian.

Freiburg Coach Christian Streich was bowled over by opposition captain David Abraha.. Image: Patrick Seeger via Getty

Instead of side-stepping Streich, Abraham landed a massive right arm into the 54-year-old, sending him crashing to the floor.

A huge all-in brawl ensued, involving dozens of players and staff from both teams. It took officials nearly five minutes to regain control.

You can watch the chaos unfold in the video above.

A brawl breaks out between players and staff. Image: Michael Kienzler via Getty
Frankfurt's defender David Abraham takes on Freiburg's defender Christian Guenter. Image: Patrick Seeger via Getty
It turned into an all-out brawl. Image: Patrick Seeger via Getty

Unsurprisingly, Abraham was red-carded, while Freiburg’s Vincenzo Grifo was also sent off for his involvement in the melee.

Freiburg won the match 1-0, thanks to a 77th-minute goal from Nils Petersen.

Streich confirmed that he received an apology from Abraham after the match.

“Football is a contact sport,” Streich said, explaining he'd tried to brace himself for the contact.

“That was on the wrong side of it though. It was a heated game, we need to calm down, it’s done, and not have silly talk about it now.

"At 54 you can be run over by a young buffalo; you can’t hold yourself against it any more,” he said according to The Guardian.