Canada Cleans Up At Rugby World Cup, In The Best Way Possible

Typhoon Hagibis forced the cancellation of their final match. But the men in red still had one final contribution to make.

Instead of cleaning out the ruck, they cleaned up the streets and gutters of Kamaishi, the World Cup town devastated by the 2011 tsunami, which also copped the full force of the typhoon.

Instead of tacking Namibia, they tackled the aftermath of Hagibis.

They say Canadians are polite. Well here's your proof.

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Canada are a second-tier rugby nation currently ranked 20 in the world. They actually made a Rugby World Cup quarter final in 1991, but have slipped a little in the rankings since those days.

The greatest rugby moment in Canada's history? It has to be this length-of-the-field intercept effort by Mike Pyke against the Mighty All Backs. Yes, the same Mike Pyke who switched codes and won the 2012 AFL premiership with the Sydney Swans.

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But Canada will now forever be remembered for chipping in, and being good sports off the field.

They picked an appropriate country to do it in too. Japan famously left the dressing rooms spotless after the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Because cleanliness, people, is next to godliness. And rugby, as the saying famously goes, is the sport they play in heaven.

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