Japanese Fans Sing 'We Are The Champions' After ANOTHER Rugby World Cup Miracle

First they beat Ireland. Then last night they beat Scotland. And then...

After beating Scotland 28-21 in Tokyo with a scintillating brand of attacking rugby, Japanese fans went crazy.

They chanted their country's name and they hugged and they cheered and they did all the stuff all sports fans in all countries do. Then they did a thing we thought only fans in English-speaking countries do.

They sung "We are The Champions". You can see them in the video below. Sung it pretty well too. Better than we sing Japanese rock anthems, that's for sure.

If you're not across the state of Japanese rugby, here's why this win is so momentous:

  • First and foremost, the win qualifies the Rugby World Cup 2019 hosts for the RWC quarter finals for the first time.
  • Japan used to be a minor rugby power, which is a polite way of saying easybeats. Just 15 years ago, they lost to Scotland 100-8. Last night they dominated them, scoring the first three tries.
  • In this tournament, Japan has also beaten Ireland -- who were ranked the world's top side briefly this year.
  • You also need to know that Japan are called "The Brave Blossoms", which is an amusing name. Not that anyone's laughing now. And in summary, Scotland the Brave were no match for the Brave Blossoms.

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And if you're wondering why Japan has risen through the rugby ranks so quickly, take a look at the style of footy they're playing. It's classic stuff.

But this story gets better, because there was a delicious irony around this win.

The match looked like it would be cancelled due to Typhoon Hagibis, the super storm which has so far killed 35 people in Japan.

If the game had been called off, Japan would have progressed to the quarters at Scotland's expense. This did not please the Scots, who threatened to sue the Rugby World Cup if they were denied the chance to beat the Japanese.

The legal talk seems a little cocky now, given not just the match result, but the way Scotland were comprehensively outplayed in the first half.

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So what's next for Japan? Oh, only the most delectable sequel to one of the greatest sporting stories ever told.

Yes, four years ago, Japan beat South Africa in the English city of Brighton, in a sporting upset so unthinkable they made a movie about it called "The Brighton Miracle".

Network 10's iconic rugby commentator Gordon Bray told 10 daily it was the greatest match he's seen. The movie opens in Australia later this month -- with Gordon Bray playing Gordon Bray. The trailer is at the top of this story.

Meanwhile, we're going to have to stop calling these Japanese wins "miracles", because they're becoming pretty standard stuff now. Yes, we know we've done it in the headline. Last time, promise.